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The average shotgun weights around 7 to 8lb and you all know that after a long days shoot they get very heavy. You lay it acroos your are over you right shoulder over your left shoulder but it keeps getting heavy


​But with my design you can keep the gun at your finger tips for when the birds fly over. Easy to take out and shoot. You can walk around with what i have called the Gun EEZEE because it makes life so much more easier and i would saay much more enjoyable not to have to hold the gun all day.


​Each EEZEE has been made completely by hand from the inner core of the EEZEE being cut, shaped and bent into the right angles to making the shoulder strap and stitching. Each strap has brass hardwear and you can adjust these by 10″ or if you need more holes in the strap you can put as many as you need.


As you can see from the pictures they can be used either Right or left handed


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