About Me

All my Knives & Sheaths are made the old fashioned way, (with blood,sweat & tears!), by hand from scratch and using the best materials and they are all individual and unique items.

About me Gary Mills the Knife Maker I have been a Bushcrafter,Fisherman and Hunter from a young age,having spent many years on a farm in East Sussex. During this time i have used many different styles and makes of Knives, I have learnt from this and many other Bushcrafter’s and old country Folk’s years of experiencethat having a good Knife is essential. This is how i came to start making and designing my own Knives. I only use sheffield steel (01 high carbon).

I only use wood from sustainable forests.

I only make a few Knives each week, and they should last a lifetime of Bushcrafting, Hunting or Fishing

Please remember to only ever use your Knife for the purpose it was made for

Kit Review by Bush Craft Magazinewww.bushcraftmagazine.co.uk

Made and designed by G.Mills of www.gmhandmadeknives.co.uk, This knife is made from 01 high carbon Sheffield steel. The handle is of mauhuhu wood, fitted on to the tang by handmade bronze and stainless steel loveless bolts. There are 3 brass lanyard tubes. The sheath is of stitched quality leather with a belt loop and firesteel-holder attached.
Price: from £145

The G.M Knife – by G Mills My first impression when I got this knife was that of the Wild West, due to the font style on the sheath of the letters GM as well as the saddle leather appearance of the sheath itself. The knife is solid and heavier than some of the reviewed knives, but the best thing I found about this knife, much like the Bernie Garland knife, is that the blade has a curved cutting edge. Although it still tapers to a fine point, the blade has a very slight kukri curve to it which assists greatly with sharpening and cutting/directional tasks. The handle is shaped with a wider section at the back of the palm end, preventing the hand from slipping off the handle. The maker, Gary Mills, has only recently started out making knives, but his 30+ years of using knives and in bushcraft have certainly inspired him to create an amazing, practical bushcraft knife which will be very much in demand in the future. This is one knife I would recommend.