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The Raven

Friday 22 September, 2017

First of all let me say how accommodating Gary is to the left handed of this world! I bought a knife available now knife, a quick email and the right handed sheath was replaced with a lefty one, no questions asked! Cheers mate.

So I bought my Raven knife a couple of months back and could have written a review the day it I got it. Beautifully crafted, razor sharp and feels great in the hand, but did it perform??

You bet it did!! I've thrown everything at this knife. Used a ferro steel on the back of the knife great angle on the spine throws a lot of sparks.

Battoned with it, no folding of the edge or warping in the blade

I've done delicate carving with it (even though it's not really for that, but still performed)

Carved and cut seasoned and green wood with it deals with both equally as well.

Still not stroped it the edge is still holding great

If I've ever add another to my collection it will definitely be one of Gary's

Amazing work thank you
Reviews By Ian Monaghan

Grey Wolf Cub Knife

Thursday 20 July, 2017

Garry, my Grey Wolf Cub knife arrived today with the orange corian handle the same a my Grey wolf knife and stalking set. Super little knife as normal from you,razor sharp blade. It will be warn as a neck knife as the Pheasants arrive next week and there will be many feed bags to open as well as small game to dress out. Take care Gareth.
Reviews By David Gareth Holland

The Stalking Set

Wednesday 14 June, 2017

The Stalking knife set arrived yesterday and was put to use last night. Very affective in use and have a superb edge. The orange corian handles are easy to see in fading light in the field, the last thing you want to do is kneel on one of those little beauties. Also so simple to clean in the game larder after use, hot soapy water wipe dry and oil the blades job done.

If you decide to make a larger knife with the same handle material or would do so on commission you have my order for one. Any suggestions to blade shape and style gladly received.

Your knives are like the land rover; they do what they are made for, do it well and keep on doing it.


Game keeper & Deer manager in Somerset.

Gareth Holland

Wessex Game Services
01823 275150 HM
07802 364717 MB
[email protected]
Reviews By Gareth

The Lynx

Wednesday 03 May, 2017

Dear Gary
The Postman delivered my ordered knife today. It's a "Lynx" with Cocobolo
woodgrips. Hell yeah, that's really a masterpiece!!! 101% good ol' english
craftmanship!!! I'm very happy to own (and use) it now. I searched years for
a knife like that, perfect in size, weight and fantastic finish! I'm sure it
will work perfectly in the woods and will be my "companion" for many
years!!! Will return for business someday!
Many thanks again and best regards from Switzerland! Andreas "Gaboo" Gabriel
Reviews By Andreas Gabriel

The Raven

Thursday 23 March, 2017

I called Gary on Monday and asked about the new Knife he is making The Raven. After about 10 minutes or so with me asking so many questions I had made up my mind and made the order. At around 10am the next morning I got a knock at the door and it was my new Raven. On opening the packet I could see that Gary had taken some time and put so much work into making such a lovely Knife with Olive wood Handle Gary told me about it and that he would be listing it on his site in the next day or so. I did not have to think twice about it I bought it right away .I could not wait to take it out in the field. And I can tell you it stood up to what ever I put it through from making feather sticks to battening a 6" log. It was sharp when new and still very sharp now. The fit of the handle in my hand is very nice and sits just great. So all in all if any of you people are looking for a very good Knife at a great price I would go and have a chat with Gary you won't be disappointed
Darren Gilbert
Reviews By Darren Gilbert

Great Service

Wednesday 15 March, 2017

Gary, both my knives came today the Raven and Huntsman. I am more than
pleased with both of them; they are not simply made but created to the very
highest standard. The workman ship is simply outstanding not only are they a
pleasure to behold but built to give a lifetime of use. As I had already
purchased one of your outstanding sheaths for another knife the quality came
as no surprise. Again of the highest quality and built to do the job I was
so impressed I have ordered another.
The Raven will be my general purpose everyday Knife and the Huntsman my
stalking knife. I have stropped both blades to a razor edge and look forward
to using both for many years as they will both outlast me what more can I
say than thank you.

Gareth Holland
Head Keeper and Deer Manager
Reviews By Gareth Holland

Saxon Bushcraft Knife

Thursday 23 June, 2016

Hi Gary,
Received my Saxon Bushcraft Knife on Tuesday. What a fantastic knife & sheath.
Thank you for your quick & efficient delivery.

Best Regards

Bob Lenton
Reviews By Robert Lenton

Nordic dangler sheath

Monday 13 June, 2016

Just received my sheath. Extremely impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. I have no doubt I will be using it for many years to come. Thanks so much!
Reviews By Paul

Long term review

Saturday 28 May, 2016

I've had the Saxon knife for somewhere in the region of 1 to 2 years now. I've added a small secondary bevel and bought one of the western style sheaths, which I love. The knife is a pleasure to use, easy to resharpen to hair popping sharp. I can't get my Helle knife as sharp. It's a heavy duty working knife, not to be kept locked away on display! Use it correctly and you will not be disappointed.
Reviews By Alex

Saxon Knife

Thursday 21 April, 2016

Just received my knife from Gary, I have to say beautifully made and a lot of effort has gone into the finish, feels very heavy duty and a pleasure to hold and to look at. Also comes with a substantial and well made sheath. Would highly recommend to anybody.
Reviews By Dr Mark Bellamy

Great Service

Tuesday 22 March, 2016

My husband was delighted when he received his knife and had this to say about it.... "The service provided was personalized and useful as Gary was happy to accommodate my requests. The craftsmanship of the knife is outstanding - you don’t need to be Ray Mears to appreciate a quality knife. It’s both aesthetically pleasing but also a powerful, useful tool. It’s been a pleasure to support British trade

This was a review from my Facebook Page
Not from me
Reviews By gary mills

Good buy

Tuesday 31 March, 2015

Hi Gary got the Saxon BushCraft Knife this morning.Well what can i say but what a lovely Knife.The Sheath is such lovely work and suits the Knife very well.So if any one else is thinking about buying a Knife from Gary do so you will not regret it.
Reviews By Johnson


Tuesday 31 March, 2015

Received Garmill Bushcraft knife today. Sheffield steel blade is excellent and should last for ever. Handle is English Yew and feels like it was moulded to the hand ,silky smooth with no roughness between tange and scales what so ever
Reviews By Zac Roberts

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